Trolls from the Provinces


Bronze Masks

Le chamboulement des images de bronze



Le Lierre Dansant

Des figurations naturelles de couples dansant.

Vanishing Lines

An essay in dynamic perspective : translating the depth of space through a physical motion blur.

Disorders and Reflections

A reflection on the seductive creation of pseudo-orders by symmetry.

Littératures alimentaires

Such undervalued beings as food waste -scraps and peels- display an energy to array themselves as codes, texts and choreographies endowed with undisputable plastic values.


Photography reconstructs a moment -a configuration of people, architectures vegetal and mineral, skies- rather than an instant.

Travels and Encounters

The conjunction of two coloured names produces a figuration with a minimal narrative or spatial dimension.

Flickering Scales

Fragmented images with parts of fluctuating scales.

Arrays of Sketches

A scenography of a digital process where aesthetic creation and aesthetic judgment are massively dissociated.

The Republic of Colours

The image as a political statement, neither magical emblem nor militant illustration.

Synesthesia : the Colours of Words

The synesthetic colours of letters and words.

Synesthesia : the Colours of Shapes

The synesthetic colours of shapes and things.


Forms and colours in ambiguous and contradictory compositions.