In this project, which I like to call Momentanés, I wished to fully assume a strategy which is the exact contrary of the doctrine of the decisive instant -exemplified most notably by Cartier-Bresson-, where the composition of the image and captation of the scene coïncide in a stroke of time. This fusion of the documentary and the compositional is no obligation and the photographer may wish to construct an image of more than the one and only instant freezed by the shutter. My object here is the extended unity of a place and a moment made up of a multiplicity of small events.

The specificity of constructed art is the distance in time -physical and psychological- between conception and realization. The action of the painter is similar to the architect's in that gap between the idea and the final done thing. There is a path that has to be trodden -concept, composition, execution- which is the contrary of the coïncidence between idea and gesture in action painting.

Similarly for photography one can envision a sizable distanciation between the compositional work and its concretisation. But here, the distance is measured in the opposite direction, the starting point being the concrete situation whose mechanical captation is the material process of photography.

I choose this place, in the Cinquantenaire park in Brussels, which afforded an interesting balance between mineral and vegetal and sky geometries, and sometimes surprising patterns of movement by the people present there and then. For a whole summer -of 2010-, I recorded different moments of the days and the nights, always from the same spot in the same direction with the same lens.

Even if I wanted just to record an instant, the restitution of the true perception of the scene implies a multiple recording of the skies and the grounds, as shown by the technique of high dynamic range (HDR) photography.

23/8/2010, 19.50h-19.52h.Impression digitale 48x32cm.

The resulting constructed image reproduces a succession of moods and micro-events whose sense and coherence shall be realized later as a recorded fiction.

The whole series of 32 digital prints was shown in the City Hall of Etterbeek in february 2012.

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