Synesthesia : the Colours of Shapes and Things

When I was about sixteen, I made compositions with an inspiration from Brancusi, Moore, etc. The colours of the shape were not some arbitrary adornment, but reflected a mental reality without any aesthetic bearing.


More recently I observed, in one of my paintings, called ‘Hyperborean Atlantis’, a couple of shapes on the right side with red and green colours, which I felt were heavy with obscure reminiscence.

The elementary shapes have colours, whatever their real colours may be :

Biluna Birotonda Tricolour.
18x11x11cm. Plaster and acrylics. October 1996.

An object too may exist in the mind with a colour which has nothing to do with its real colour. Such are, for instance, covers :

Synaesthetic Still Life.
Acrylics on linen. 60x60cm. march 2001.

The Taste of Colours.
Acrylics on linen. 60x60cm. march 2001.

Of Taste and Colours.
Acrylics on linen. 60x60cm. march 2001.

Synaesthetic Still Life. The Taste of Colours. Of Taste and Colours.
Ultrachrome digital prints 18x18cm on Epson paper 33x33cm. 2001.