Littératures Alimentaires

Those works were presented from november 15 through december 21, 2012 in Zedes Art Gallery in Brussels.


Each morning, from july 24 through september 21 2002, my days started with the cutting up of a water-melon Each time the discovery of a composition of greens and pinks forming a new tongue of fire.

C'est tous les jours Pentecôte
Digital print on alu 100x100cm.


A mango peel, diversely disposed on a stone floor, assume the appearances of ideograms, the series forming a codex of impenetrable meaning.

La langue des mangues
Digital print on alu 120x120cm.


Intertwined peels of apples and kiwis, a dynamic composition of opposites.

La survie des apparences
Digital print on alu 60x60cm.


Carot scraps let to dry move in a slow choreography towards words and texts. We cannot gather their meaning, as we do not master the carrots' language.

Littérature alimentaire 31 (octobre 2012)
Digital print on rag paper 30x30cm.

Next to the prints was displayed a series of ten videos showing an acceleration of this writing-dancing. Here is nr 21 :


The elementary gesture of painting : scooping up sauce or cream in a bowl. This photograph abstracts the container and leaves us with an action painting.

L'invisible Graal
Digital print on rag paper 40x40cm.