Atelier 340, Jette : catalog excerpt

Far from the sea

I was born 1500 km away from the Ocean : Likasi in Congo. We came back to Europe periodically, and the journey started with a four days and nights land crossing by train, towards the port of Lobito, Angola. Often the loco would stop in small stations, hissin in the desert, to get rehydrated. Then a cry : "Partita", and the pyrotechnical roar would pick up again for a few kilometers. In the night the engine rushed followed by an incandescent bunch of red glowing cinders. We got eyesfulls of those and arrived on the shore blackened with soot.

Another journey came next, on the sparkling vastness of the ocean. We passed the line under the eagis of Neptune.

Toujours Recommencée n° 7.

Going to the sea. From Brussels to Ostend, a short run of an hour. You come out of the train and next find yourself walking on the jetty. Beneath, the slow eddies of the 32 hues of the northern glaucous. The sea is there, under us; we think we reach it, but always it draws back. We get sucked in the void of the inseizable creation of gratuitous and ephemerous motives. No form can really fix it.

Going forth always without ever getting close is the theme of this editing of images, weaving four lines of forward travellings shifted and fused.

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