Le Cube au Carré, Brussels

The Amis du Musée de Verviers present a selection of artists participating in the exhibition Le Cube au Carré in the atrium of the Parliament of the French Commonwealth.

576 Encounters of 'Edith Piaf' and 'Miles Davis', argentic print on aluminium, 244x244cm.
La Vie en Rose, Acrylics on linen 80x80cm.
Overview of the exhibition.

Same as in Verviers, I present here an Array of Sketches, 576 Encounters of 'Edith Piaf' and 'Miles Davis', and the canvas which followed, La Vie en Rose.

From march 25 2009 through avril 30, 2009.

Organisation :

Les Amis du Musée de Verviers, Bob Van Der Auwera.

Practical information :


Publication :

A 216 pages catalog, 15 euros.

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