100 years of the Human Rights League

Palais de Justice, Brussels

Group exhibition 100 Artists for 100 Years of Human Rights League, from 17 march through 26 april 2002.

My participation, in a hallway of the Palais de Justice, consisted in a painting and a text :

The Republic of colours. Self-portrait as Fidel Castro, Dziga Vertov, Adolf Hitler.
Acrylics on linen, 110x110cm, march 2002.


The Republic of Colours. Text presented near the painting.
60 pages A5, march 2002.

This document can be consulted on-line
(and in french) :


Other images were made for the occasion. See the Republic of Colours theme.

Organisation : Wolu-Culture, Centre Culturel de Woluwe-Saint-Lambert, directrice Solange Wonner.

Publication : Catalog.